Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tower Records Spotlight: Them - I Happen To Love You

Yeah baby, it's Them on Tower Records! Except it's not really "Them". At least not the Them that you know and love. It's a version of Van Morrison. Van Morrison wasn't very central to the band anyway. is the post-Van "Them" doing a Goffin-King song, I Happen To Love You. Also recorded by The Electric Prunes about the same time. Interestingly, this promo copy has I Happen To Love You on both sides. But when the song was officially released, it was relegated to a Flip-Side. From December, 1967.


  1. The Myddle Class do a nice version of this. Released in June 1966 and produced by Goffin himself. Check it out:

  2. And here is The Electric Prunes version. Check it out: