Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Song of the Week: The Trolls - Every Day and Every Night/Are You The One?

Here we have Chicago natives, The Trolls with their debut release from October, 1966. The A-side, Every Day and Every Night is a nice raver about unattractive groupies that just won't let the band have a nice quiet night. It's full of surprises: nice guitar work by Richard Gallagher, a key change and even tempo changes. The song was written by singer, organist, Richard Clark and bassist Max Jordan. The Flip-Side, Are You The One?, is pure Mersey. Nice harmonies. 

I bought this at a record store in California one zillion years ago. Didn't pay too much attention to the writing on the sleeve and disc until more recently when I realized the record was autographed by the whole band. Whoa. Like, cool, man. I particularly like the signature of drummer Ken Cortese with his "Out of Site - Just For Spite - Ken" tagline. 


  1. I like the tempo change, but I don't hear a key change.

  2. Yes you are right. It lasts all but 12 seconds then returns to the original key.

    How about that fire chief's daughter?!

  3. Yeah, an interesting change.

    That fire chief's daughter...she likes big hoses.

  4. The bass player Wayne was just my Uber driver. Cool guy, had a successful career now retired with season tickets enjoying Cubs games, session musician, jamming with people and meeting people via Uber.

    1. What a cool Uber ride! How did the Trolls come up in conversation?