Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tower Records Spotlight: Davie Allan and the Arrows - Devil's Angels and Cody's Theme

Devil's Angels
Cody's Theme
-- Vox Fuzz Tone Bender? Check.
-- Wild Audio of a Chopper revving engine? Check
-- Not so subtle tip of the leather vest to Joe Meek production/composition style? Check.
-- Evil song title? Check
-- Heaping dose of Bad Assitude? Check and double check. 

Yep, we've got ourselves a bitchin'-ass single from one of those biker exploitation films of the late 1960s. Tower Records became the outlet for Mike Curb (who would go on to be the Republican Lieutenant Governor of California) and his down and dirty biker movie soundtracks. Nobody could do it better than Moto-Psycho guitarist, Davie Allan and his much imitated, never duplicated, Arrows. Most people know Davie Allan and the Arrows for their semi-hit, Blues Theme. But recent scientific testing at the National Center for Moto-Psycho Instrumental Laboratories (NCMPIL) has shown that Devil's Angels is actually a better song. Can't argue with science kids. The Devil's Angels/Cody's Theme single was Davie Allan's 7th for Tower Records and followed Blues Theme for a release date of June 1967. We've thrown in the cycle-delic Flip-Side, Cody's Theme for good karma.


  1. Mosrite/Fuzz-rite and the open road. Damn GRRREAT 2 sider. Other version [sans the fuzz?!?] of Cody's Theme are on ''Cycle-Delic Sounds'' album and it surprised me 'cause lp is all fuzzed-out. I've read an interview where Davie said that a couple of master trax from the original session have missed, maybe stolen, so they have to put this ''Cody'' version. There should have been one more tune for the lp but it mysteriously disappeared! Blues, where's the Loser ?!?

    "We wanna be free!
    We wanna be free to do what we wanna do.
    We wanna be free to ride.
    We wanna be free to ride our machines
    without being hassled by The Man!
    ... And we wanna get loaded."
    >>>>>> Dig! <<<<<<

  2. Violence is my god too! but I don't hunt like a rabid dog.

    I don't get/hear your joe meek connection.

    1. The floating organ and highly compressed guitar tones are, in my opinion, reminiscent of a Joe Meek production. Specifically the stuff he did with the Tornadoes. Telstar, Ridin' The Wind and so on.