Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Hazards - Hey Joe

From Richmond, Virginia, home to Nitro-Retro Blog, comes The Hazards with their take on Hey Joe. This version is clearly inspired by The Leaves' third version of Hey Joe, right down to the bridge and the misattribution of writing credit for the song. 

According to the music site, Garage Hangover, The Hazards were Andy Hrabovsky, Sonny Salisbury, Alan, Sidenburg and Greg Ellerson of John Randolph Tucker High School. As well as Stanley Bernstein and David Moore of Thomas Jefferson High School.

The kids released their take on Hey Joe in 1967 for the local label, Groove Records.


  1. Very cool. They shorten the bridge a little and they do the high lead throughout, rapid picking style. Some interpretive vocals too. I don't hear any organs though (see picture above). Heavy organ Hey Joe, that would be twitchy!

    1. Maybe he stayed behind to play with his organ in the privacy of his own home.