Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jet Harris - Main Title Theme from Man With The Golden Arm

[originally published 4/13/10]
Yeeha! From Nineteen Sixty fricken Two, we have Jet Harris performing this killer baritone guitar song, Main Title Theme (The Man With The Golden Arm). Yep, baby's got back. Jet Harris, as you may know, was the bassist for the formative instrumental band, The Shadows. In April of '62 he embarked on a solo career. This song, Main Title Theme (The Man With The Golden Arm), was his second single, released in August of '62 for Decca Records.

Car accidents and searching for the answer in the bottom of a bottle led to his immediate obscurity. But here we have Jet, his drumming companion and former ShadowTony Meehan, and a host of studio musicians laying down one groovy number. Enjoy.

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  1. Love this tune. Whenever I'm reminded of it naturally I think of the bass-driven nature of it and the tone of bass, but in particular I think of the way the bass goes flat in the intro, around :15. Brilliant. Really defines the song for me.

  2. I think the lead bass may actually be a baritone guitar such as the one he is holding. If you listen closely there is a distinct bass line that is not the lead.