Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Colony Six - At The River's Edge

We've posted about Chicago's New Colony Six before. It was a write-up on their debut single, I Confess/Dawn Is Breaking. You can read that here. Today we return with the Flip-Side of their second single, At The River's Edge. The single was released in April of 1966 on Centaur Records, a subsidiary of Cameo Parkway Records, and was composed by band member, Craig Wally Kemp. The band soon took a softer approach to their music, but this was a raver in the first order.
Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!


  1. Such an awesome song. Perhaps the ultimate American rave-up! What strikes me most is the uber-hip vocal delivery, but EVERYTHING comes together here perfectly.

    Didn't San Diego's Crawdaddys do this in the '80s?


  2. centaur records was distributed by usa records and had nothing to do with cameo parkway at all

    'at the river's edge' was written by wally kemp the bass player and NOT keyboard player craig kemp

    it was also released on sentaur records also distributed by usa records and not cameo parkway

    both 'i lie awake' and ' i confess' were released in the u.k. via licensing from centaur

    1. Excellent catches Anon. I've corrected where necessary.

      Centaur Records (aka Sentar) was indeed distributed by USA Records in 1965 and the first part of 1966. The NC6's first 5 singles then would have been distributed by USA. Starting with their 6th release with I Love You So Much, in December of 1966, however, Sentar was distributed by Cameo-Parkway and is reflected that way on the labels.

      A good resource for this stuff, if you are as nerdy as me, is