Monday, October 4, 2010

Song of The Week: "Milk Cow Blues," Eddie Cochran

Eddie Cochran would have been 72 yesterday. Of course, he died in 1960 at the very young age of 21 near Bath, England when the car he was riding in crashed. Cochran was thrown from the car and died of head injuries the next day. His tour mate, Gene Vincent, survived, though badly injured.

Today's SOTW, Milk Cow Blues, was recorded live in England in February of 1960, using local musicians (as the UK would not allow him to bring American musicians to the country). Cochran's legendary guitar skills are on great display here.

The video of C'mon Everybody was recorded in '59. Enjoy


  1. Went to Chippenham last week for a family wedding. (1/9/12) Had to find roadside plaque on the old A4 remembering Eddie Cochran,the man was 'Somethin' Else' ,so talented at a young age,very charismatic.There were fresh flowers beside the plaque, which is just outside somebody's house.To find it' follow A4 eastbound just coming out of Chippenham' go under a railway bridge' petrol garage on the left'park there and walk 50yds further on(left)

  2. Thanks for sharing, John. I've updated the streaming music file so that it is again active. I hope you stop by again.