Monday, October 25, 2010

Song of The Week: The Dynamics -- Misery

Please see the comments below to learn more information about this song from the guitarist who performed on this number, Chris Bramlett.

What a nice little gem we have for you today. Even if you are a big-time music collector, I bet most of you are not familiar with this song. But, it might, just might, sound familiar. That's because this song, Misery, was the subject of some pretty blatant plagiarism by Pete Meadon. He being the one-time manager of The Who.

Back in 1964, Pete Meadon briefly changed the name of The Who to the High Numbers in an effort to get them bigger with the mod movement in London (being a High Number meant that you were of some importance in the gang). In June, Meadon and Chris Parmeinter took the band into the studio to cut some self-funded tracks that would have a very limited 1000-run pressing on Fontana Records. The lads recorded 4 tracks that day: Eddie Holland's Leavin' Here, Bo Diddley's Here 'Tis, and Zoot Suit and I'm The Face. The latter two songs were credited to Meadon who, in another effort to get in with the mod movement, wrote lyrics which spoke to the mod experience. I'm the Face is a not so subtle rip-off of the oft-covered Slim Harpo number, Got Love If You Want It. Zoot Suit, a not so subtle rip-off of today's song of the week. It is unlikely that Pete Townshend even plays on Zoot Suit, but rather that a studio musician brought in by Meadon and/or Fontana plays the jazzy guitar riffs. To be blunt, the sound, style and quality of performance are not Townshend at all. In Dave Marsh's book, Before I Get Old: The Story of The Who, Marsh refers to Townshend's style and makes no mention of a studio musician. However, on the liner notes of Odds and Sods, Townshend says of the studio musicians on these High Numbers tracks: "Superb jazz guitar solo from somebody I don't recognize, fast piano from some pilled-up lunatic who probably made more in session fees that day than we did from the ensuing year's work." In Pete's new auto biography, he says he played on the session but that the work shows his style was not fully formed yet. You decide. 

But that is not our SoTW, Misery is. In 1963 a Detroit band called The Dynamics sauntered into the studio to record this nice cross-genre song. This is just one of those great songs that surprises me. The catchy guitar riff never seems to fit the rest of the song -- in a VERY good way. The singer's temporary falsetto always catches me off guard and the sax solo is a surprise considering how dominant the guitar is in the rest of the song. And then there's the exit vocals. "No-no!" How frickin' cool.

Enjoy your misery.


  1. my dad recorded the original ,he was dynamics lead guitarist(CLIFF BRAMLETT)

    1. Your dad was the BEES KNEEZ on that Boss rekkid!

  2. This is so cool. I'm Kelli Bramlett, Cliff Bramlett's daughter (Christopher Bramlett's sister). My dad is standing here with me right now reading this and getting a big kick out of it. Thank you. You made his night.


  3. Kelli, I'm glad your dad had a chance to check out this blog. I would love to hear anything he has to say about this recording. For example, what kind of guitar is he using? What's he playing through? Did he go on to record with other bands? Also could you tell us which one is him in the photo on the podcast page?


  4. I am not in the photo and neither are the Dynamics.
    I was playing a Fender Guitar and Amp at the time, im not sure what models.
    I recorded Goodbye Bo, Happy Hours with the Royal Playboys ,I wrote both songs and played lead on both sides, and all the songs were recorded at United Sound in Detroit...After that i formed Cliff and the Classics and played in clubs until 1984....And 2 of my daughters were in the last band with me...And my son (Chris) is a guitar player/recording artist like his old man...
    I hope this answers all of your questions Jack Hayden....
    Thank you...
    Cliff Bramlett

  5. Thanks Chris. It's great to have your input here. Have you ever heard The Who (High Numbers) recording in question?

  6. I love both Misery and I'm the Man!
    It's time for Pete Townsend to pay up...

    1. Except, Pete didn't write Zoot Suit, Pete Meadon did. I'm not even sure Pete Townshend plays on it.