Monday, September 20, 2010

Song of the Week: "Someday, One Day" Dale Hawkins

Listen - Dale Hawkins performs Someday, One Day

Dale Hawkins is best known for three things: 1) he wrote and recorded the ubiquitous Susie-Q, 2) his lead guitarists included the mega pickers, James Burton and Roy Buchanan, 3) he is the cousin of Ronnie Hawkins whose band, The Hawks, soon left Ronnie Hawkins to back a kid named Bob Dylan and then would change their name to The Band and make a good record or two on their own.

Today's SOTW is a little song that comes just two short years after the Louisiana rockabilly star scored big with Susie-Q in 1956 with a 17-year old James Burton laying down one of the most familiar guitar riffs ever. But by the time Hawkins traveled north to Chicago to record his composition, Someday One Day, Burton had moved on to back TV star Ricky Nelson. Into the void stepped another young guitarist, Roy Buchanan.

Someday, One Day is a dreamy little song that takes its time nicely. Backing vocals from band members Mark Mathis and Dean Mathis and beautiful vocal interplay with singer Margaret Lewis make for a wonderful bed for the wistful song. And then there are the guitars. Buchanan plays the lead through a Leslie Speaker (a swirling speaker designed for organs), giving the guitar that distinctive drips and drops of water sound. The song vacillates between the gentle longing rumba and the gritty rumba music breaks.

This little song is pretty far off the radar, even for rockabilly fans. I hope you enjoy.


  1. This is a real nice one I've not heard before. Even if the main part is a little syrupy and languid, the bridge, and in particular the build up to the bridge, is such an excellent pick-me-up response with that bass walk down and the change in percussion. Thanks!

  2. Syrupy and Languid, the new Australian soft-rock duo.

  3. Very nice song. Has a real Buddy Holly feel to it.

  4. Mr. Mazzochist,

    I thought this song might pull at your ears. Had you heard it before?

    Señor flipista

  5. Nope. I'd only heard some of his more rockabilly stuff. But you've inspired me to order a cd with Someday, One Day. It's called Rock n Roll Tornado, on Ace. 30 songs.