Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Song of the Week: "The Family Gardener", Jeff Tweedy

Listen - Jeff Tweedy performs The Family Gardener

I love this song. And this little whimsical performance most of all. It was recorded in a small room somewhere in the Pacific Northwest with some guy who I am familiar with. It came as an extra download on the DVD of Sunken Treasure Live in the Pacific Northwest. Jeff Tweedy first performed this as part of the collective, The Minus 5. But their version of Tweedy's The Family Gardener is, in my opinion, over produced. Here Tweedy's guitar is brought to the fore and we can hear the quizzical words interplay with the instrument nicely. Again, I don't know who the other guy is (the one in the right channel), but I like his harmony.

Below is an abstract from the DVD with Family Gardener and Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down. Enjoy.


  1. The harmonies are by Scott McCaughey of the Young Fresh Fellows, MInus 5, Baseball Project, and no doubt a dozen other bands too. McCaughey also tours with R.E.M. as second guitarist. (And Peter Buck is in the Minus 5 and the Baseball Project). It's all rather incestuous, but good work if you can get it.

  2. This is such a sweet tune. And the *#^@# chords he throws in at the end - missing on this recording - are sweet too. You can hear them on this performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg40kYGGa3k

    What is a family gardener anyway? Apparently he or she would require a stethoscope.