Friday, November 15, 2013

The Flip Sides of The Byrds' Singles: She Don't Care About Time and It Won't Be Wrong

Back for more of The Flip-Sides of The Byrds' singles. Today we look at the Flip-Sides of the third single, Turn, Turn, Turn, and the fourth single, Set You Free This Time.

She Don't Care About Time
She Don't Care About Time was the Flip-Side of the The Byrds' third single and mega-hit, Turn, Turn, Turn, released on October 1, 1965. Gene Clark, for the third straight time, provides us with the original composition backing a cover song on the A-Side. Gene Clark, logically, takes the lead on the song as well as performing the harmonica work over the brief guitar lead. 
It Won't Be Wrong
For the fourth single, released on January 5, 1966, Gene Clark was given the A-Side with his melancholy song, Set You Free This Time, the first time an original had graced that coveted side of the record. That left Roger McGuinn to get the Flip-Side with his 1:58 composition, It Won't Be Wrong. It's an incredibly strong Flip-Side with a catchy guitar riff and some nice time changes that give the number a jazzy feel. Roger McGuinn sings the lead with Clark and Crosby harmonizing throughout.


  1. You ever notice that the riff goes to a minor key at the end of She Don't Care About Time? It Won't Be Wrong seems so Gene Clark. You think his songwriting and ear influenced others in the band?

    1. re: She Don't Care About Time...I did pick up that something was funky with McGuinn's guitar at that point. I didn't pick up that it was a minor chord but here it now. I must say, to my ear, it sounds flawed. As if McGuinn goes to the minor and Crosby doesn't. Clearly an intent, however.

      re: It Won't Be Wrong...I agree. Clark was without question the primary songwriter at this point and I would have to conclude that he had a big influence on the others as a result.