Monday, November 7, 2011

Video Diary: Elvis Presley - Baby, Let's Play House


  1. Sweet performance on all accounts.

  2. It really is. I wish Scotty Moore's guitar was a little louder. But a really fine performance by all musicians. Elvis had the perfect face, the perfect voice and the perfect stage presence for the world of live television.

    Thanks for stopping by, anon.

  3. The guitar gets drowned out due to some serious rocking and screaming. The Beatles can thank Elvis for priming the teenage girl (and boy) audience.

    What type of guitar is that anyway. Initially I thought it was a Gretsch, but I think the headstock says Gibson.

  4. I believe it is a 1952 L5 with the P90 pups that made that sound so rough. It can be seen here on the website.

    It was the second guitar he used with Elvis and he only had it for about 20 months (according to Scotty's site).