Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Song of the Week: The Chesterfield Kings - I've Gotta Way With Girls

I admit, I am always a little shocked when I put this single on my turntable and it still plays. That's because when I first picked it up in 1984, I played this thing about 69 times a day and I was sure I was going to wear the grooves out. But it still works!

The band is none other than The Chesterfield Kings, whom hailed from the music mecca of America, Rochester, New York. The quintet all met at the legendary House of Guitars (best music store I have ever visited) sometime around the year 1979. They all loved 60's garage, had access to some of the best instruments from the 60's, and the singer, Greg Prevost, was, and still is, a very impressive record collector who helped the band flesh out their set-list. The band started off with a bevy of covers, but, over time, they weaved in more and more of their own compositions.

Our SoTW, I've Gotta Way With Girls, is an original composition from the band a cover from a Texas band that I was previously unaware of, The Lavender Hour. Don't know how I've missed them. The Flip-Side of I've Got A Way With Girls is an equally good original song, She Told Me Lies, which utilizes the all important Hand Saw as an instrument. Back in '84 I was more enamored with the Vox Organ heavy A-Side to the point that my mommy told me I might go blind if I spun it as hard as I liked to do in those younger days. But these days, it's the Flip-Side that grabs my attention and turns my palms all black and hairy. And specifically Richard Cona's awesome guitar work that, unlike most garage band revivalists, shows great restraint in tone and attack. I just love me that classic Rickenbacker sound.



  1. Nicely crafted song with a chorus that surprises me everytime. It seems to belong in another song all together. A real garage tune through and through.

    She Told Me Lies has one of the coolest keyboard lines there is.

  2. Agree. Prevost seems to be at the upper limits of his register during the chorus.

  3. The Chesterfield Kings in their early days rule. They're more of a cartoon group now.
    By the way 'I've Gotta Way With Girls' is a cover version. The original is by The Lavender Hour.

  4. Expo - Thanks for stopping by. Somehow I was totally unaware of the original version...and the Lavender Hour. Don't know what is wrong with me. Thanks for hipping me up. You'll see I fixed the above post.


  5. And here is a link to the original version.