Monday, November 1, 2010

The Lionhearted -- Honey In Your Hips

Okay, you garage rock freaks. Here is one you haven't heard before. It is an unreleased track by a garage rock band out of California in the mid 80s. The band is The Lionhearted and they are covering the very early Yardbirds track, Honey In Your Hips. We're told that this was recorded in "dad's garage" and fueled by copious amounts of RC Cola and Animal Crackers. How's that for authentic?

Let us know what you think.

The hipster flipsters.


  1. Seriously? These guys rock. Did they ever make records? How can we find more?

  2. Hey Paolo -

    Thanks for stopping by the Flip-Side. Nope, the Lionhearted was an unrecorded band other than this once concert that I have on an aging TDK-D tape. I may post more as the days go by. Keep checking back for more. I'm glad you liked. It's always good to hear from music lovers. Makes our little hearts go flip-flip.


  3. Ah, the good 'ol days. Love the blog. Keep it up.


  4. Thank you, than you very much. It's nice to see that Trelvis is in the building and bringing a big hunk-a burning love to the Flipsters of days past.

    How 'bout them SF Giants?!

  5. The city went NUTS!