Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Song of the Week: "Falling", Ben Kweller

We're going to have a shorty post this day as Mr. Flip-Side and the whole Flip-Side family are traveling in Washington, DC today ahead of the American holidays.

Today's song of the week comes from Greenvile, Texas wunderkid, Ben Kweller. (Regular readers of On the Flip-Side will note that this is our third trip back to Texas. I really need to spread the love to a blue state.) This release comes from 2002 and is the closing track to Kweller's first major label release, Sha Sha.

A friend of mine, we'll call him Jeff, since that is his name, and I both have an eccentric taste in music. At least by today's standards. We dig Blind Blake records and noiserock and the fabulous Pontani Sisters dancing to the dripping wet sounds of Los Straitjackets. And we also both enjoy a beautifully crafted song. It's what allows me to switch between Mel Torme (oh come on, tell me that song isn't cool) and the Dead Kennedys without batting an eye.

This entry of Song of the Week is one of them thar beautifully crafted songs, Falling by Ben Kweller. He was 21 and residing in Brooklyn when he published this nice little piano-based number. The descending piano punches, moody interludes and Beach Boys-like ba-ba-ba harmonies all support a nice set of introspective lyrics. 

I hope you enjoy.


  1. Years ago a few friends recommended I check out Ben Kweller's stuff. I did as they instructed and was suitably impressed by his talent. But something about him had bothered me a bit, though I had long since forgotten what that something was.

    Then I clicked on the link to listen to "Falling", and it all came back to me--it was that stupid photo.

    NIce song though.

  2. Stupid? Apparently you, Mr_GeeBee, don't believe in preventative dental care. Is that it?