Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Spidells - Find Out What's Happening

With a history of doo-wop singles, The Spidells broke their own mold when they recorded Find Out What's Happening in Nashville, Tennessee for the Monza label in 1964. Vocalists James Earl Smith, Lee Roy Cunningham, Nathaniel Shelton, Michael Young and Billy Lockridge deliver such an infectious, uplifting R&B groove that I challenge you to listen to it and remain still (not possible). It was written and produced by Nashville veteran Jerry Crutchfield who continues to be active in country music production. Crutchfield may also be a studio musician here too. This number hopped the Atlantic for a further excellent effort by Downliners Sect later that same year.

Until next time see you on the Flip-Side!


  1. Great choice, Jack. Groovy guitar.

  2. You think the Count Five might have listened to this a la Psychotic Reaction?

    Looking at 45cat it is difficult to reconcile the dates of the Spidells release(s). Downliner Sect clearly was release in 1964 - it says so on the label. And with a major label - Columbia - one can feel more certain about release dates. The Spidells Monza release is listed as '65 and their UK release of Find Out on Sue comes in at '66. Huh?

  3. Sounds a little like bread and butter by the new beats