Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Motions - It's Gone

The Motions hailed from musical hotbed of The Hague in the Netherlands. The quartet was the most mod of the fast growing Nederbiet scene that swept the country after UK bands started crossing the channel. Both sides of The Motions debut single, It's Gone/I've Got Misery, were penned by guitarist, Robbie Van Leeuwen. The A-Side, our featured song today, is a powerful mod raver in the first order. It was released on Havoc Records in their native Holland during February, 1965. Quite amazingly the record enjoyed a rare US release on Congress Records two months later. The rest of the band was Henk Smitskamp on bass, Sieb Warner on drums and Rudy Bennett on vocals. 

Van Leeuwen would go on to form Shocking Blue and compose the hit Venus as well as the unique Love Buzz, which Nirvana covered on their first album. 
Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!

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