Sunday, June 8, 2014

Margie Hendrix - Now The Hurts On You/I Found My Love

Now The Hurts On You
I Found My Love
It's a shame that such a talented person is largely unknown to the public. But you've heard her voice before. 

Born Marjorie Hendricks outside of Statesboro, Georgia in 1935, our hero today performed under the stage name Margie Hendrix and is best known for being Ray Charles' lead Raelette starting around 1955. (we wrote about a post-Margie Raelettes single a few weeks ago, here). It's Margie who goes toe to toe with Ray on such hits as Hit The Road Jack and Drown In My Own Tears. In 1964 she was released as a Raelette not too long after giving birth to Ray's love child. At this time she embarked on a solo career that garnered little to no attention. Her second single for Mercury Records, released sometime in 1965, shows what a powerful voice she possessed. 

The A-Side of the single, Now The Hurts On You, is a wonderful big production number that demonstrates Margie's smoldering voice as it rises from a cool demeanor to her infamous blues growl. 

The Flip-Side, I Found My Love, was co-written by Margie and comes across like a great lost Ray Charles single, replete with Raelette like backing vocals. Ms. Hendrix holds nothing back. 

Margie died in July of 1973. It is very unclear how she died. Substance abuse, cancer and car accident are all rumored to be the cause of her demise. 
Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!