Sunday, June 15, 2014

Song of the Week: The Cryan' Shames - Ben Franklin's Almanac

I've been digitizing records all day today. Came across this gem from a band I don't much like, The Cryan Shames. They charted with Sugar and Spice. Pure putrid pop. But this flip, Ben Franklin's Almanac, written by the young guitarist, Jim Friars, is magnificent. Might I even say...perfect. And here it is on the original label, Destination, before they got picked up for national circulation on Columbia and charted.

This also marks the second appearance of a band with a member who has only one hand. And the other is?


  1. The 5th drummer for Spinal Tap? Stumpy sump'n rather.

  2. The musicianship on this is fabulous and the whole instrumental end of the song rocks. I'm particularly drawn to the rhythm guitar - it's got a real Jerry McGeorge Gospel Zone vibe.

  3. Jim Fairs was the song's writer. I got an autographed Sugar and Spice LP years ago and on it he spelled his name "Jymn." Pretty cool.

  4. Pretty cool, indeed. I just love the musicianship throughout the song. But it is the music change-up at :41 that grabbed my attention when I first picked this up in about 1986.

    Jack, you are correct. This has a real Shadows of Knight feel to the end of the song. Both Chicago bands.