Thursday, July 16, 2015

Battle of the Garage Bands Epic Bracket Showdown!

There comes a time in the history of man that certain events define and shape the very times in which we live. The Rise of the Roman Empire, the Mongol Horde unifying Asia, the teachings of Jesus, the geo-political realignment that came from World War II, and, of course, On The Flip-Side's epic Battle of the Garage Bands. 

For months now we have had a day by day competition to crown the best North American garage single. It started way back in October of 2014, posting roughly 10 singles from 12 different regions of the continent. 

As you can (almost) see from our cool map below, the winners in each region are as follows (and click on each winner to see the top five finalists from each region):
  1. New England: The Squires
  2. New York: The Blues Magoos
  3. Mid-Atlantic: The Enfields
  4. The South: The Bad Roads
  5. The Great Lakes: The Shadows of Knight
  6. The Midwest: The Litter
  7. Texas: The 13th Floor Elevators
  8. The Rockies: Phil and the Frantics
  9. Southern Cal: The Misunderstood
  10. Northern Cal: The Chocolate Watchband
  11. Pacific Northwest: The Sonics
  12. Canada (not shown): The Ugly Ducklings

Now we start the final competition! A battle royale of all 12 regional winners. Each regional winner will now go head to head in a bracket system until we can crown the top three North American garage singles ever dedicated to wax. Look at the high tech graphic below to see where we have seeded each band. 

We'll start at the top and move our way down. This will go fast. Guest judges will help us pick the winner of each round until we crown the top three singles. At that point we will rank them based on our very subjective votes and, in a moment that will make even the Dalai Lama stand up and take notice, we will be able to crown a champion single. 
We'll get it rolling in the next week!

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