Monday, July 20, 2015

Battle of the Garage Bands: The Litter v The Misunderstood

Well, well, well. We have the first showdown in the books and it surprised me. Big time. This is why we have all these celebrity judges helping out. I flat out expected The Squires to make it deep into the brackets. Not even close. The Blues Magoos took their New York power and ran rough-shod over their New England Brethren.

So now we spin the winner of the Midwest region, Minnsesota's The Litter, against Southern California's hotly contested winner, The Misunderstood. The seven judges, who Donald Trump has described "as the most classy, opulent judges in the world", will now settle the score with these two bands and their powerful releases from 1967. Don't forget, both sides count in the consideration of the greatness of the record.

To put this into better context, here is a look at some of the competition that these cats bested as they claimed their regional victory.
Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!


  1. I love The Litter, but again, this was easy - I vote The Misunderstood!!!!!!

  2. No difficulty deciding this one. "Action Woman" is a stunning record, I can find no fault in it, but on "Children of the Sun" the Misunderstood were inventing a new kind of music, and Glenn Campbell was redefining how a steel guitar could be played. Misunderstood!

  3. The Litter. I actually flip-flopped on this one. I am prejudiced toward the Misunderstood after reading so much about them in Ugly Things and being familiar with their songs, which are definitely more interesting, dense and complex than the Litter's. Listening objectively, I lean towards the Litter because their songs are more straightforward rhythmically (easier to dance to) and the vocals are really strong. In a word, it's a bit more rocking. It's like a decision between the physical (Litter) and the intellectual (Misunderstood). This morning, I'm choosing the physical. Ask me later and my decision might be different. Being a classy, opulent judge is so difficult!

  4. These are both strong as hell. That's why they are regional winners. Action Woman is one of my all time faves. Ever since I heard it with that pathetic skip on The Pebbles Vol. 1 comp. But my money is with the appropriately named Misunderstood. Both sides are fantastic. And as slafolle says above, dense and complex. Hell, the drum track on Children Of The Sun is amazing on it's own right. Start adding that thumping bass, the guttural vocals and the pedal steel guitar and I think we have perfection. The I Unseen arrangement is amazing as well. Truly powerful when combined with the haunting lyrics from Nazim Hikmet's poem.

    The Misunderstood get my vote!

    1. And I'll add, The Litter's cover of Legal Matter is fine. But it is a cover. And not that adventurous of a cover at that.

  5. Misunderstood. It’s one of the mysteries of my universe that such sonic brilliance exists, and I distinctly remember the first time I heard it. There aren’t many songs that I can say that about.

  6. Love the guitar and pace of The Littler but The Misunderstood stands out with the steel guitar work of Glenn Ross Campbell. Didn't know this but just learned that we have the Misunderstood to thank for pioneering the live light show. Just another reason they get my vote.