Monday, July 27, 2015

Round 2 of the Battle of the Garage Bands: The Blues Magoos v The Misunderstood

Round 2 is officially underway in our 10-month long Battle of the Garage Bands to determine (very subjectively) the greatest US garage band single ever. This round kicks off with The Blues Magoos of New York going head to head with The Misunderstood of Riverside, California. 

On one side of the ring we have The Blues Magoos who landed a major record deal and put out multiple singles and multiple albums, performed on national TV shows and shared the stage with the likes of The Who. On the other side of the ring we have The Misunderstood who had to leave their Sun drenched Southern California homes to travel to the rainy UK to record a song called Children of The Sun. The single was shelved until well after the band had succumbed to the unbearable heaviness of obscurity and the boys never even saw a release of their material in their homeland. Two very different paths to this moment. Both deserving of it. 

Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!


  1. The pedal steal wins. The Misunderstood's mystic of being discovered by John Peel (the Peel Sessions) and having pioneered not just sound but vision with the live light show totally won this round in my book.

  2. Two groundbreaking singles for sure, but for sheer jaw-dropping brilliance, I have to give my vote to the Misunderstood.

  3. Tough choice. But I will vote for The Misunderstood. I like an underdog. I'm going with The Misunderstood not only because they never received the proper exposure and respect they deserved during their time, but this record presents a bit more of a powerful, mature, less-'poppy' production. Not to diminish their greatness, but The Magoo's received plenty of national exposure back in the day - so I'm here to help lift up The Misunderstood to the greatness they deserve!

  4. The Misunderstood. I love the Blues Magoos in general and especially this single and sometimes I think they're underrated because of their lack of obscurity. Putting these singles head-to-head, however, the Misunderstood sounds more revolutionary and powerful. The combo of steel guitar, heavy blues sound, and general weirdness kinda reminds me of Captain Beefheart's Safe As Milk album, which is a good thing! Great lyrics too.

  5. I'll put it over the top. The Misunderstood. Both singles are fabulous. Quite frankly I am so familiar with The Blues Magoos single that I haven't given it the cred it deserves because I consider it to be like my left hand. Yeah, it's there. It's great.

    At the end of the day, the sonic revolution that is the posthumous release by The Misunderstood is just flat our better.

  6. The Misunderstood!

    (that's my vote)