Thursday, March 26, 2015

And the Winner of the Rocky Mountain Battle of the Garage Bands Is...

We are ready to crown the Rocky Mountain Region winner of the much ballyhooed Battle of The Garage Bands. And it was unanimous again. 

Phil and the Frantics ran away with the competition with their 1965 double sided onslaught of awesomeness. Quite frankly either Say That You Will or 'Till You Get What You Want were likely good enough to win the competition on their own. But put the two together and it was a slam dunk. The Grodes, also of Arizona, were an unanimous choice in their second place finish. 

Phil Kelsey and his Frantic friends will now go to the Flip-Side lounge where they will spin records, sip on a beer and talk about girls with their fellow regional winners (all shown below with the A-Side of their winning single) and wait for the next region to crown their winner. That region will be Southern California. You know you can't wait for that one!

Rocky Mountains: Phil and the Frantics: Say That You Will/'Till You Get What You Want
Mid-West: The Litter with Action Woman/Legal Matter

Texas: The 13th Floor Elevators with You're Gonna Miss Me/Tried To Hide

New England: The Squires with Going All The Way and Go Ahead

The South: The Bad Roads with Too Bad/Blue Girl

Great Lakes: The Shadows of Knight with Bad Little Woman/Gospel Zone

The Mid-Atlantic: The Enfields with She Already Has Somebody/I'm For Things You Do

New York: The Blues Magoos with We Ain't Got Nothing Yet/Gotta Get Away
Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!

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