Monday, March 2, 2015

Mid-West Spotlight: The Electras - Soul Searchin'/This Week's Children

Mid-West garage band Battle of the Bands smack down stretches into it's second week. Back to the land of 1000 lakes we go. 

The Electras hailed from the tiny town of Ely, Minnesota, nestled on the lakes near the friendly Canada/US border. The quintet of Gary Ormeza, Tim Elfving, Bill Bulinski, Earl Bulinski and Jerry Fink (I can not make these names up) traveled to Minneapolis where they met up with math teacher and budding music svengali, Warren Kendrick and his Scotty Records company. In 1966 the boys recorded two of Warren Kendrick's compositions at Dove Studios. That number is our feature here today, (Just A Little) Soul Searchin'. Within the year, Kendrick's other pet band, The Litter would also record this number, but here is the first recording. 

I'm particularly fond of the back-up vocals and the strong keyboard work of Gary Ormeza as he and Bill Bulinski battle it out in the music break. 

The flip-side is the very strong Warren Kendrick composed, This Week's Children
Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!

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  1. The Litter did it better.