Saturday, February 14, 2015

And The Winner of the Texas Battle Of The Garage Bands is...

The mighty, mighty 13th Floor Elevators won unanimously with their debut single from 1966, You're Gonna Miss Me/Tried To Hide. We're surprised and we're not surprised at the same time. We're most surprised by how far down the line Zakary Thaks fell. Just goes to show, you never know. It also goes to show how strong the Texas bands were.

So now The 13th Floor Elevators will wait in the wings with the other regional winners to see who will win the next regional battle. And that will be The Mid-West. We'll start that one next week.

Here are the regional winners thus far.
Texas: The 13th Floor Elevators with You're Gonna Miss Me/Tried To Hide

New England: The Squires with Going All The Way and Go Ahead

The South: The Bad Roads with Too Bad/Blue Girl

Great Lakes: The Shadows of Knight with Bad Little Woman/Gospel Zone

The Mid-Atlantic: The Enfields with She Already Has Somebody/I'm For Things You Do

New York: The Blues Magoos with We Ain't Got Nothing Yet/Gotta Get Away
Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!

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