Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Texas Spotlight: Zakary Thaks - Bad Girl/I Need You

Day four of out Texas Battle of the Garage Bands already? What?

I probably looked like Linda Blair from the Exorcist the first time I heard Bad Girl some 30+ years ago. It is simply an amazing song with a killer Kinks-inspired riff, great guitar lead and perhaps my favorite key change in the history of music. That says a lot. 

The band is Corpus Christi's own Zakary Thaks and the song is their original composition, Bad Girl. Again, even beginner garage record collectors know this song inside and out, but we are here in the region by region Battle of the Garage Bands to spin the best of the genre. The single was originally released on the legendary local label, J-Beck Records, in July of 1966. The song was then picked up for national distribution by Mercury Records and released as a promo only. It never hit the record bins, just the radio stations.  

Zakary Thaks were just pimply faced kids. Singer Chris Gerniottis was only 15 when they recorded this. His voice is powerful and soulful far beyond his years. Rounding out the rest of the band were Pete Stinston on guitar, Rex Gregory on bass, John Lopez kicking out the sharp lead work and Stan Moore pounding out that beat that is so sweet at the key change.

On the flip-side the boys show their roots with a faithful cover of The Kinks' I Need You.  All in all the kids put out eight singles. All worth watching on eBay as they sell for ridiculous dollar amounts. 

Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!


  1. This is indeed a great slice of frantic teen energy. I don't know if all the band members were as young as Gerniottis but if so they play beyond their years. I especially like the Chuck Berry via Keith Richards/Dave Davies guitar break and the excellent drumming. And that key change--Brilliant! I've always overlooked Zakary Thaks. Before ever hearing them, any time I heard/read the name I assumed they were a avant-jazz-prog band. I don't know why, perhaps the name seems kind of angular and abrasive to me, so I figured the music would be equally harsh. I was wrong, it is aggressive, but in a rockin' manner.

  2. Man, I've loved this song from the first second I heard it. It's actually got pretty tricky timing to it. Anyone who's tried to play that killer rhythm guitar probably know what I mean. Thanks for the great blog fellas! TITS!!!!

    1. Absolutely, that stutter riff is rather unique and the end has an odd count that makes for a little thought.