Friday, February 28, 2014

Song of the Week: We The People - In The Past

I first came to this song by way of The Chocolate Watchband's ethereal cover. Then I heard this, the original version. Wow. I mean,! 

We The People hailed from Orlando, Florida and put out a series of amazing and unique singles between 1966 and 1968. In The Past was the band's 4th single and was released on Challenge Records in December, 1966. The song was written by guitarist, Wayne Proctor, and features a unique instrument they called an Octachord, an eight string mandolin of sorts. Tommy Talton, David Duff, Randy Boyte and Lee Ferguson rounded out the rest of the band.

In an effort to avoid the Vietnam War draft, Wayne Proctor, left the band in '67 to enroll full time in college. So it was, like many other bands of the era, it was over. Just like that. 


  1. Only one of the greatest songs ever! The flip is some worthy well-grounded psych too.

    1. I agree. And after hearing the original it is real hard to fully appreciate the loveliness of the Chocolate Watchband's very nice version. That is just how great this one is. Very odd. Very infectious. Very classic. It's amazes me that We The People put out two of the greatest garage singles from the era (In The Past and You Burn Me Up And Down) as well as three other certifiably great garage songs (My Brother The Man, Mirror Of Your Mind and When I Arrive). So great.

    2. Thank you, Morgan Young...

      Wayne Proctor, We the People 1966

  2. Great conversation happening with Wayne Proctor on the Flipside facebook post for the song.