Sunday, February 16, 2014

Song of the week: Josh Rouse - It's The Nighttime

[originally posted May, 2011] 
Sometimes we just dig songs because we just like the way they sound. That's the case with our SoTW, It's The Nighttime, by singer and songwriter, Josh Rouse. We flipsters first learned about the native Nebraskan when Rouse opened for another act in Washington, DC. It was this song's chunk-a-chunk-a acoustic guitar and pedal steel that caught our attention and led us to the virtual record store to check out his work. Six years later, it is still this song that makes us smile with remarkable frequency.

It's The Nighttime was co-written by Josh Rouse and Daniel Tashian. When we saw the latter name, our musicologist spidey-senses went into overload. A little investigation proved our spidey hunch correct, Daniel Tashian is the son of Barry Tashian, the singer and leader of one of America's best garage bands and original Nugget poster-boys, Boston's The Remains. Cool.

That tidbit aside, we hope you listen to this song a few times. It may not grab you at first, but, if you are anything like us, we think you'll be humming this in your sleep before too long.


Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!

[photo by Allen Clark]


  1. Very sweet. Kinda sad. And a little odd. What is that he plans on doing after the "late, late show"?

  2. Lovely pedal steel work and sweet tune. Karen, it sounds like he wants to try on his lover's clothes.