Thursday, February 13, 2014

Song of the Week: The Human Expression - Love at Psychedelic Velocity

Out of Orange County, California we have for you today, The Human Expression doing their self composed number, Love At Psychedelic Velocity as published in 1966 for the local label, Accent Records. 

The Human Expression were Jim Quarles, Jim Foster, Tom Hamilton, Armand Poulin, and Martin Eshleman. The band released three singles on the label, with Love At Psychedelic Velocity being the Flip-Side of their debut. Like all young budding rock stars from SoCal in that day, the boys definitely loved them some reverb. They just seem to be awash in it. I'm going to go out on a limb and say The Human Expression had recently listened to Love's 7&7 Is which was released in July of that same year. Hell, even the title of their song suggests it. We first came to this song by way of the wonderful comp, Pebbles Vol. 10. 

Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!


  1. Bummer that there's no way to D/L this gem... I hope it's not a sign of the way things are going to go here...

    1. Try right clicking the song title or the flip-side logo.

    2. Anon is right. It's just a learning curve for me with a player I am trying to work in so that these songs can be played on mobile devices. I know that with the Deacons record it had a 'download' button. Not sure why it isn't here. I'll keep working on it, but rest assured...we share (non copyrighted material, that is).

      Keep on coming back Timmy

    3. it looks like the download button just appeared. To the bottom right of the Flip-Side logo. Ghosts in the machine.

    4. Actually, Anon's tips don't work. You can click on the Soundcloud logo and download on the page that opens, or if the download button is present, go with that.

    5. One of my top 5 all-time-favorite garage tunes. This is one of the reasons I got hooked to garage music way back in the day.
      I never thought of that 7&7 IS comparison before! But that's a good one, as there definitely are some similarities. I always imagined the vocalist, Jim Quarles was trying to sound like his local hero Sky Saxon! Do you think that heavy reverb is leftover from the So-Cal surf sound?

    6. Rumor has it that Dick Dale once drove by the studio in 1963. As he drove by he looked at the front door of said studio. Since that very moment the walls, ceiling and floor dripped in salty wet reverb. The building is now a Chipotle Restaurant. To this day, whenever the sale associates ask you if you want sour cream on your burrito, the sound of Dick Dale's reverb can be heard reverberating off the walls. True story.