Friday, February 21, 2014

Song of the Week: The Caretakers - Hidden Steps

Precious little known about this very rare record. Here is what we know.
  1. It is a record. The 45rpm 7" kind.
  2. It is on Worm Records.
  3. The band is called The Caretakers.
  4. The Flip-Side of this record -- which we are featuring today -- is called Hidden Steps.
  5. Jim Mora (probably not the football coach) wrote the number.
  6. Martin Ashley was the engineer.

After that it is all conjecture on my part. I have heard they were from a Sacramento, California suburb called Lincoln. But I have also heard that they hailed from San Bernadino, California. One source places this as being released in 1967. I know nothing else about this record other than it rocks seriously hard.

I picked this up in a Salvation Army in Yuba City, California sometime around 1988, not too far from Sacramento, so that would lend some credence to the Lincoln, California rumor. I also find it interesting (at best) that the song is actually 30 seconds shorter than what is published on the label. 

If you know ANYTHING about this record, please leave a comment below. Let's put this band back on the map. 


  1. The band from San Bernadino is a different band. I think there were actually many. According to Teenage Mayhem, this band was from Lincoln, California. It's a real lo-fi recording.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Two other peeps who have street cred have said as much. Now if we'd only here from someone in the band to tell us more.

    And yes, very low-fi