Friday, June 28, 2013

Under the Covers: Time is On My Side by The Rolling Stones and Irma Thomas

The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones released Time Is On My Side as a single in the US on September 26, 1964, their 4th US single. The number quickly ascended the charts and peaked at #6, their first top ten hit in the US. Two versions were actually recorded, the US single version and a later, better version that was included on the LPs. This version is the second.
Irma Thomas
Just three months prior to The Rolling Stones releasing Time Is On My Side, New Orleans soul singer, Irma Thomas recorded the Jerry Ragavoy (under the pseudonym Norman Meade) number for Imperial Records. It appeared as the Flip-Side to her 11th single, which reached only #52 on the charts. 

Enjoy. We'll see you next time On The Flip-Side!

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