Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dunwich Records: The Things To Come - I'm Not Talkin'

Day 2 of our Dunwich Records love fest. Like yesterday's highlighted band, The Knaves, The Things To Come hailed from the suburbs of Chicago. Specifically Wheaton, IL. The band -- who clearly got their name from a Yardbirds song, recorded the Mose Allison (by way of The Yardbirds) number, I'm Not Talkin' and two other numbers at Sound Studios in Chicago. The hyper-aggressive I'm Not Talkin' got the A-Side on this July '66 release, while the flip-side was a real nice jangly original called Till The End. It came replete with some Keith Richards styled lead work. 

Bill Traut, trying to make the band "more British" apparently went so far as to change the names of most of the members. From the website, Turn Me On Dead Man:
Ken Ashley's real name was Kennith Utterback, George Heatherton was Richard Cureton and Keith St. Micheal was Thomas Keith Mirabile. It was thought by the label (Bill Trout and Dunwich) that having English sounding names would be a advantage. The only one who had the advantage was the drummer Cliff Harrison who survived the name changes.
 We'll see you next time On The Flip-Side.


  1. Kick-ass brutal version as it should be, landed on great B side of Pebbles 10. It's not Things To Come of "Sweetgina/Speak of the devil" 45, ain't it? The Misunderstood have interesting cover too. Dig!!!

  2. This is a real scorcher of a version. It must have been great to hear live. Pebbles 10 really is a nice one, isn't it. No, the band that did Sweetgina (that just sounds dirty) is from LA. The Misunderstood did a GREAT version of Talkin'. Very original.