Monday, June 24, 2013

Under the Covers: R.I.P: I Pity The Fool by Bobby Bland and Davy Jones and the Mannish Boys

Two posts in as many hours. And for very good reason. We just learned that Bobby Bland has died. He was 83. Major bummer. Great, great, great voice.

To go with this week's theme of Under The Covers, we're presenting Bobby Bland performing his 1961 stunner on Duke Records, I Pity The Fool. It's, in my humble opinion, Bobby Bland's greatest recording of many great recordings he made in a career that started in Memphis, Tennessee way back in 1955. Not only does the song kick ass on it's own rights, but it inspired the catch phrase from brilliant actor, Mr. T! You can't go wrong with that.
Bobby Bland
We first came to this record from a very mediocre version performed by Davy Jones and the Mannish Boys. The blonde haired ace-face of a mod front and center on the sleeve would soon change his name to David Bowie and would go on to more original works.
The Manish Boys
We did a post on Bobby Bland's 1960 song, I've Been Wrong So Long way back in 2011. You can listen to that kick ass song here

R.I.P. Bobby Bland. We'll see you On The Flip-Side. 


  1. Man, that is sad news.

    And the Bowie version is better than mediocre. I'd say decent.

    1. The Bowie version is produced by Shel Talmy, by the way.

  2. Take a gander at that sleeve with Bowie. The dude on the left looks like he could be Sylvester Stallone's dad. Great post.