Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dunwich Records: The Del-Vetts - The Last Time Around and Everytime

Last Time Around

Day 7 -- yes, 7! -- of our look at Dunwich Records, man!
We'll I'm sitting here sinking on deeper down.
My head is a' spinning around and 'round.
I can't seem to shake this feeling.
Oh, My body is a rockin' and a-reelin'.
Oh' it's such a funny feeling
that I know this is the last time around for me, Oh yeah, 
Oh, I'm sinking on sinking on deeper down.
My eyes are blood and I can't hear a sound.
Fight it! help me fight it.
Because I know this is the last time around for me. 
Oh Yeah! This is another Mount Garagemore record from Dunwich and one that I was very pleased to add to my personal collection. Today we look at The Del-Vetts. The Del Vetts were Jim Lauer on vocals and lead guitar, Bob Good on rhythm, Jack Burchall on bass and Roger Deatherage on drums.

Their debut single in June of 1966 was an original composed by their friend, Dennis Dahlquist who penned a kick ass Yardbirds inspired song called The Last Time Around. Production is perfect as is Lauer's vocal delivery and Better Man Than I inspired guitar break. Jeff Beck would have been proud. Special shout out to the bass work of Jack Burchall whose work on this song truly inspired me to learn every note of what he did with his fast running fingers. This single was released just days after the Things To Come released I'm Not Talkin' and just two months before The Banshees set Project Blue upon the record buying public and The Shadows of Knight released Bad Little Woman/Gospel Zone. You see why I love this label?

While Last Time Around was a solid regional hit, the follow-up, I Call My Baby STP, which came with a nice pic sleeve and an STP Oil sticker as part of a quasi-ad campaign, was a flop. (but the flip is respectable) It turns out that was the last time around for the Del-Vetts who went from one bad name to another as they inexplicably changed their name to the lame-ass Pride and Joy, whose lone Dunwich release, Girl/If You're Ready, was highlighted just days ago. Jim Lauer allegedly went the way of Roky Erickson and Syd Barrett. Play it loud and enjoy.

The Flip-Side is solid as solid gets and thus we include it here. Also penned by Dahlquist, the number is the rather peppy, Everytime. Another kick-ass guitar solo from Lauer. I love how you can hear someone cue them back into the verse after the guitar solo. Low-fi, baby.

Sit back and listen to all seven posts in tribute to Dunwich Records out of Chicago. I think you'll get it pretty quick. 


  1. That's some raw fuzz. Nicely rounded out with the bass though. The lead work reminds me of Warren Rogers (or is it Joe Kelley) of the Shadows of Knight, fellow Dunwichers. I dig that stalling effect of the introduction, always have.

  2. Warren Rogers did the earliest guitar work but then gave way to Joe Kelley as Rogers moved to bass and then out of the band in a bit of a controversy.

    1. Hey you posted your comment here on the DeL-Vett comments page, Joe Kelly was in the Shadows not the Vett's duh.

    2. I think you need to read a little closer, Anon. You will see that I am responding to a previous comment in which a person compared the guitar work in this song -- Last Time Around/Everytime -- to that of the fellow Dunwich artists, The Shadows of Knight. He then asked a question which I answered. If you look beyond this ONE post you will see this is part of a whole DUNWICH series, thus the outreach to the SOK is even more relevant. So, instead of "duh", maybe it should be "DUHwich, baby!"

  3. One of my all-time favorite '60 garage punk blasts. I was absolutely knocked out when I first heard this on a comp in the '80s. Definitely heavy but tuneful as well. I like everything about this song, the production, the arrangement, the composition, the playing. I tried covering this in a couple bands, thought it would be easy, but it always fell flat. As simple as it is, the original has a feel that isn't easy to duplicate or improve upon.

  4. Is Last Time Around from a 45? It's in stereo, so I'm assuming not. Awesome Dunwich series!

    1. I probably ripped it from the Nuggets box set from Rhino records. The flip-side, Everytime, is taken direct from the disc.