Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The South Spotlight: We The People - When I Arrive/Ain't Gonna Find Nobody (Better Than You)

Day three of our Battle of the Garage Bands in The South region gives us We The People from Orlando, Florida. This is the third time we've written about the band! It's beginning to be kinda a thing with us. Last time we wrote about In The Past and that prompted a great conversation with songwriter, Wayne Proctor, over at our Facebook page. Prior to that we wrote about their scorcher in the first degree, You Burn Me Up And Down.

But today we turn to the band's final single. Released in April of 1968 on RCA Records, the band's farewell release finds the Orlando combo down from a five piece band to a four piece band. Wayne Proctor had left the band to go to college and avoid the draft and drummer Lee Ferguson had been replaced by Tommy Cox.

As usual we're going to flip the record around and spotlight the Flip-Side first. When I Arrive was written and sung by Tommy Talton, perhaps the band's most prolific songwriter. A psych-rager, When I Arrive features some blistering guitar work, defiant lyrics and great, great production. To this listener you could put this in with any UK Freakbeat compilation and it would fit right in with Wimple Winch, John's Children and the likes. The extended guitar break in the middle is nothing less than epic. The song goes into a lulling backing vocal run through a Leslie Speaker before reigniting into Talton's aggressive vocals for the finalé.

The A-Side was written and sung by guitarist David Duff who presents us with a soulful number in the vain of The Young Rascals. In an interview I recently read over at It's Psychedelic Baby, Wayne Proctor went on record that Ain't Gonna Find Nobody (Better Than You) remains his favorite We The People song of all time. We won't go that far (heck, we much prefer the Flip-Side), but we agree, it's damn good and it goes to show just how deep the talent pool was in this band, even after Proctor had departed. In reading up on this band, I must say it's also nice to hear from musicians who genuinely liked each other and walked away from their experience unified and happy with it.

Shortly after this double sided gem was released, Tommy Talton left the band. In a nice little dovetail with the last post on The Tasmanians, we can report that Tommy Talton was replaced by one Mr. Mike "Gypsy" Carns after his band dismantled about the same time.

I've lifted a few photos with permission from the aforementioned website, It's Psychedelic Baby.

Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!


  1. Couldn't have two more vastly different songs, one right in your face and fuzzed out, the other laid back with horns everywhere.

    The lyrics in When I Arrive evoke Nirvana's Rape Me.

    Did you say Carns joined We The People?

    1. Good call on the lyrics. I wonder if When I Arrive was also about the brutality of the music industry, as was Cobain's Rape Me. When I Arrive is pretty sparse on the lyric front so it's hard to read too much into it without Talton joining the conversation.

      Yeah, Carns briefly joined We The People with Duff in the leadership spot. That version of the band apparently never recorded, however.

  2. Many thanks for the post, Morgan! Both songs were great!

    Wayne Proctor

    1. Thanks for joining us (again) Wayne. I hope you share with Tommy, David and any others with whom you are still in contact.

  3. I do Christmas music most of December, so I've been away for a bit. There is some great stuff up here since I last checked. Thanks for the music! I'll keep checking back for the downloads, if they become avail.