Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The South Spotlight: Clock Work Orange - Your Golden Touch/Do Me Right Now

Clock Work Orange hailed from Paducah, Kentucky and recorded only one single in their brief life. The recording session took place in Birmingham, Alabama and the boys - Terry Frazier on guitar, Barry Yancey on bass, Steve Rudolph on keyboards, Danny Powley on vocals and Bill Ashley on drums -- kicked out two wonderful songs that day. As usual we are flipping over their 1967 release on Creole Records and starting with the Flip-Side.

Your Golden Touch was written by the guitarist for the band and features some beautifully restrained vocals over a nice tremelo based guitar. The bass work from Barry Yancey is superb. Frazier brings out the fuzz pedal in full force for the very brief guitar lead, but luckily it doesn't overwhelm the song.

Do Me Right Now was written by Dough Kershaw, the fiddle player who went on to great fame in the 70s. It's a fast, rhythm guitar based song that fits the mold of the Flip-Side. The organ pokes it's head out for a few seconds for a "lead" before fading back into the background. Kershaw also produced both sides.

Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!

[ed. note - A music player we were using has apparently gone under taking much of our music files with it. We are experimenting with new music players and lots of bugs and failures are at hand. This music player, Mixcloud, does not appear to support a download function. Rest assured, whatever service we land on, we will have downloads available.]

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