Friday, November 14, 2014

New York Spotlight: The Rogues - You Better Look Now

The New York Spotlight continues!

Today's song comes from The Rogues out of Buffalo. The Rogues were James Pierotti on vocals, Michael Spriggs on lead guitar, Dave Smith on rhythm guitar, Robert Radel on bass and Gary Jaros on drums. They had a big following in the area and even had their own nightclub, The Rogues Gallery, which apparently would book them quite regularly. The guys released at least two, some say three, singles and we're gonna have a listen to the flip-side of their first single, You Better Look Now written by James, Michael and Robert and, like a previous New York Spotlight feature, was released on Audition. Frankly, it's among the finest examples of a garage pop ballad out there. It's really well- crafted with a lovely jangly reverby sound and a great little guitar solo to boot, but it's the sincere lyrics delivered soulfully over a perfect melody that drives it home. I also dig how the refrain seems to appear out of nowhere not to be seen or heard from again. It must have been tempting to throw it in again after every verse, but they didn't, and the result is perfection. Thanks guys! The A-side is an awesome version of Train Kept-a-Rollin too.

Like many, I first heard this song as performed by The Chesterfield Kings in the mid '80s and you can read more about it here.

The Rogues have a facebook page where our photos were found. Flower Bomb Songs has a bunch of fan photos too.
See you on the Flip-Side!


  1. Awesome, awesome and awesome. The singer is ever so slightly out of key, which, to this listener, makes the song all that more sincere. Great catch on that one time refrain at :35. Nice restraint. The song could easily have been a hit for The Turtles.

  2. Great Tune! Also heard it first as CK cover

  3. These guys definitely studied their early Turtles records closely!

  4. Dated Dave Smith. Fun days. Good times. Great group!!!

  5. I dated Dave Smith Too!!!

  6. Uh oh, this could get awkward real fast for Dave Smith.