Thursday, November 6, 2014

New York Spotlight: The Humans - Warning

More New York Battle of the Bands! Today we have a record from the tiny hamlet of Albion, New York, located between Rochester and Niagra off the shores of Lake Ontario. The Humans were a sextet of High Schoolers: Jack Dumrese, Gar Truselle, Dick Doolan, Marty Busch and Danny Long. They called themselves the very non-Animal name of...The Humans.

Today's song was the Flip-Side of their only single, released on Audition Records in 1966. Lead guitarist, Bill Kuhns wrote both the folky A-Side, and this, the rip-roaring Flip-Side. Warning tells the tried and true tale of a love gone bad. Dick Doolan and Danny Long trade vocals as the two throw up the caution sign for this girl. 
Well that's the last I'm gonna tell you
You better listen to me
I got something to say child.
You better listen to me
Yeah, I'm giving you the warning!
Yeaaaaah baby!

According to comments left at, Danny Long died in a car crash not long after this number was recorded. The band struggled along before the draft started to eat at The Humans like a Zombie-Apocalypse Now.
Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!


  1. Structurally speaking this tune is interesting. If you were inclined, as I am, to pick a song apart, you might notice it's basically ABCBA, with A being the verse, B being an alternate verse and C being the harmonica solo. That there is no real chorus and that the structure is palindromic, tells me that there were some experimental brains at work here. And speaking of the harmonica solo, it is easily overlooked but well worth checking out. It starts off with a (typical) garagey wail, but ends with three well-delivered and understated lines. I dig that. Lastly I like that false ending underscored by the drumming. Cool!

  2. can't get me enough of that palindromic structure.

  3. Great song ! I used to be in a band around 87/88 that covered it. I had a american girl to help me figurate the lyrics (I'm french) as I did the vocals.
    Thank for putting such great music. I've read elsewhere in "On the flip side" about the Tell Tale Hearts ... We were also heavily into the TTH. As a matter of fact, I am still a fan.

    1. Where are you from? My dad was in this band and I think it's great when I run I to folks who enjoyed their songs .always curious how they heard of them .