Friday, December 20, 2013

Song of the Week: People - I love You

Today we're going to follow up on a Zombies post which was part of the Parrot Records Spotlight we did last week. The Flip-Side of that single we featured was a Chris White penned tune called I Love You. I noted the 1965 double sided gem of a record failed to make the top 100 in the US but that another band scored a hit with it. Here is that record for you today.

People was a six-person band out of San Jose, California who scored a hit with The Zombies' number. The band recorded the number in 1967, released on Capitol Records January of 1968 and with a real label behind them (yes, I'm looking at you Parrot Records) was able to get enough national airplay that their version hit #14 in the Summer of 1968. It's definitely a little more hippy-dippy than the Zombies original but the inherent quality of the record holds up nicely in this version. Ultimately they didn't stray far from the original: slowed it down a little, added a moody intro, a few effective tacet moments on the C major in the chorus.

People apparently got wrapped up in The Scientology movement and when singer Larry Norman refused to join the organization, he was sacked from the band. Now the rest of the band plays private gigs for the high priest, John Travolta in his inner sanctum. Play the two versions back to back and let us know which you like better. 
Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!


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  2. Haven't hung around the site enough to know if you have already discussed Larry Norman's importance as a Christian rock pioneer.

    Great sire and lots of fum.