Thursday, December 12, 2013

Parrot Records Spotlight: The Novas - The Crusher and Take 7

The Crusher
Take 7
Day four of our Parrot Records spotlight takes us to the frozen tundra of Minnesota, USA. The Novas may be the first American band to get a release on Parrot Records with their November 1964 release of The Crusher/Take 7. Bob Nolan, the singer of the Novas, usually a surf instrumental band, gets songwriting credit on The Crusher, a tribute to wrestling legend, Crusher Lisowski. The Crusher was covered by both The Cramps and The Ramones. Not bad. We include here today the Flip-Side, the fine instrumental track, Take 7. Believe it or not, the song actually charted at number 88 on the national charts! Dig on the photo of the band rocking the geek chic look. 
And check out Crusher Lisowski to see the inspiration for the song.
Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!


  1. Did he scream Rape!? The Cramps does.
    Do the crusher you turkey necks! Dig!!!

    1. No, no I do not believe he does yell that. I had forgotten that is how Lux starts the song.

  2. The Ramones song "The Crusher " is not a cover of the songs by the Novas is a qriginal tribute by Dee Dee Ramone