Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Top 5 Busker Days posts!

Not long after On The Flip-Side got started with its Songs Of The Week, I was prowling the streets and stations of San Francisco and Berkeley, looking for street musicians to record.  The first Busker Day post went up on December 3, 2008, and since then some 25+ busker posts have graced these pages.  In celebration of this blog's five years, today we look at the Top 5 clicked on Busker Days posts:

5. Nick Stillman -- Cumberland Gap [original post here] = 408 hits

4. Jesse Morris (RIP) -- True Red Blood [original post here] = 410 hits.

3. Craig Ventresco - Hoosier Sweetheart / There Ain't No Land Like Dixieland To Me [original post here] = 513 hits.

2. The Jonah Kit - Pancho and Lefty [original post here] = 540 hits.

And the number one Busker Days post, the late great Jesse Morris:

1. Jesse Morris - Six Pack [original post here] = 554 hits.

Enjoy and see you On The Flip-Side!


  1. So many good posts here. And so many left out. The Human Condition and Zack and Brian most notably. I hope we see more in the very near future, Jack.

  2. I like the new pic at the top. It's, how do I say...Aces!

  3. Jesse Morris! I sang the song I wrote for Jesse just tonight, as I do at all of my shows. I've played it all over the world, and I always try to share a little about Jesse and encourage folks to find him on Youtube. I had a bit of resentment about the attention that the "Punk Rock Johnny Cash" was getting in the media till I one night heard him for myself. I felt the magic and knew he was the real deal. I ran home and wrote the song "The Voice Of Johnny Cash" that nigth, straight through. Sadly I never had the guts to show it Jesse, though his mother and many of his friends have heard it. Thanks for sharing this on your blog (which I have now spent two night digging through). Sincerely, Mike

    1. nice. keep coming back please.

    2. Mike - thanks for stopping by. Jesse was one of kind with a big voice and a big heart.

      Is your band named Misisipi Rider?