Thursday, October 17, 2013

Seven posts where the recording artist has joined the conversation.

Our narcissistic birthday bash continues as we engage in more self-love today. It's touching, really. As we mentioned on Monday, we get a big, big smile on our face when we are contacted by the very people associated with the record about which we are writing. It's one thing to write about a 47 year old record and have people excited to be turned on to the dusty groove for the first time. It's quite another level of cool to hear from the songwriter or guitarist or even the singer's children. Most of the musicians think the record has long been forgotten. Oh, no! You and I know that's not the case. Here are seven postings for which somebody closely associated with the record has left a comment or two on our site filling in more information and enjoying the well-deserved attention.

7. The Misunderstood -- Who Do You Love? [original post here] = 430 hits.
Abstract from comment by Stephen Whiting, bassist from The Misunderstood:
Anyway, if you listen closely, after I begin the lick, you'll hear Glenn fading in with long sustaining notes; when I start doubling the notes in the 2nd half of the lick, then you can hear Tony come in with a really nicely articulated counter-melody...good stuff!! I was very fortunate to play with a group of really GREAT guys who also happened to be incredibly talented, and together, we were just much more than the sum of our parts. 
6. The Enfields - She Already Has Somebody [original post here] = 447 hits.
She Already Has Somebody

Abstract from comment by Ted Munda songwriter and guitarist for The Enfields:
Glad the music is still moving people! Just a little hidden inside info for you; Vince Rago had NOTHING to do with this song. He was our crooked Manager. I wrote the entire song and called it" SHE ALREADY HAS". When the record came out his name was on it and he said it was because he changed the Title to "SHE ALREADY HAS SOMEBODY"
5. The Others - I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye [original post here] = 540 hits.

Abstract from comment by Jim Destout, lead guitarist for The Others:
I never imagined that this would become kind of a "Garage Band" classic. But, listening to it now, it really holds up well.
4. The Dynamics - Misery [original post here] = 575 hits.

Abstract from comment by Chris Bramlett, guitarist on Misery:
I was playing a Fender Guitar and Amp at the time, im not sure what models. I....played lead on both sides, and all the songs were recorded at United Sound in Detroit.

3. The Toggery Five - I'm Gonna Jump [original post here] = 616 hits.

Abstract from comment by Frank Renshaw, singer and songwriter for The Toggery Five:
As Paul Young had only been with us a couple of weeks, he really didn't know many of our songs, so it was suggested we try a new song that I'd written called "I`m Gonna Jump". We did a run-through, then did it in one take. That was it, session over. To our horror, it was subsequently BANNED by the BBC as a suicide song. What !!!!
2. The Mourning Reign - Satisfaction Guaranteed [original post here] = 620 hits.

Abstract from Beau Maggie, singer for The Mourning Reign:
We were, quite simply put...In Times of Heaven and a bit crazy...but every day was so good....and's not "mouth of hallucination"'s "mass hallucination"...although mouth of...sounds better than what I originally wrote...
1. Murphy and The Mob -- Born Loser [original post here] = 1141 hits.

Abstract from Stephen Brewerton, lyricist for Born Loser:
I was a nerd going to junior college trying to avoid the draft....I met Terry and Dennis Murphy and somehow became their manager. I wrote the lyrics to “Born Loser.” I managed them for two months. After I quit managing them, Terry and Dennis put music to my lyrics and recorded the songs at Steve Wright’s recording studio.
Pretty damn cool stuff if I do say so myself. I hope you all check out the original posts and keep coming back. Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!


  1. GREAT GREAT GREAT STUFF! SO cool those dudes chimed in.

    1. It's really pretty amazing to hear from these guys. I sat in my room in HS back in the 80s studying and dissecting the bass lines for The Misunderstood. To have that bassist then contact me so many years later is a head trip.