Friday, January 15, 2010

Video Diary: Tielman Brothers, "Rollin' Rock"

So it would seem that we're huge in Indonesia. Yep, a quick look at our "hit registry" reveals that On The Flip-Side has multiple hits from Siberia, Croatia, Iceland and even New Caledonia (we had to get the Atlas out for that one). But it's our brothers and sisters in Indonesia that we are giving some love to today with a video of one of their own. The Tielman Brothers hailed from Semarang, Indonesia and, starting in 1957, began performing together as a rock band. They soon moved to Holland (where all budding rock stars aspire to move one day) and became exposed to a larger audience. Today's Video Diary captures the Tielman Brothers on Dutch TV around 1960. Here they perform their original composition, Rollin' Rock. Enjoy the weekend my friends. Particularly you cats in Indonesia.

Melakukan hal-hal besar.

See you on the flip-side.


  1. I have been a loyal follower of On the Flip Side for quite some time now, but until now I have been something of a voyeur, never commenting or participating. The power of this performance by the Tielman Brothers, however, compels me to finally comment. The musicianship, energy and showmanship are all mind-blowing. Words fail to express the magic being conjured here by these for Indonesian rock n' rollers. The performance captured here is pure rock n'roll joy and further proof of music's ability to transcend cultural boundaries. I found this clip truly inspiring. Thank you Flipside and keep up the good work!

    -Coyote James

  2. Welcome aboard senor Coyote. You are a clever and sly animal.

  3. AWESOME!!! - Matt/Nitro-Retro