Monday, January 4, 2010

Song of the Week: Tommy Tucker - Hi-Heel Sneakers

Tommy Tucker was one cool dude. That's for sure. The organ player from Ohio penned this week's SOTW, the sublimely mellow Hi-Heel Sneakers, in 1964. It became a pretty darn big hit for Chicago based Checker Records (a subsidiary of Chess Records) that year, but Tucker wouldn't have another like it. He apparently quit music and became a Real Estate agent in New Jersey. Ouch.
We're not positive who The guitar work by Dean Welton Young plays the is beautifully understated. guitar on this, but we are guessing it is Jimmy Reed's right-hand-man, Eddie Taylor. It has that same never break a sweat nor waste a note approach that never grows outdated. Taylor played so well. If you know who plays guitar on this, please let us know in the comment section below.

Cheers me flip-sidey friends. Put on your hi-heel sneakers and your wig-hat upon your head. Don't forget the red dress and the boxing gloves, in case some fool my want to start a fight.

We'll see you on the Flip-Side


  1. Further research shows that the guitarist is Welton "Dean" Young who recorded with Brenda "Jean" Jones. In fact, it appears that Jean is the bassist on Hi-Heel Sneakers as well.

  2. Check out Tommy Tucker's daughter Teeny Tucker and her latest CD titled "Keep The Blues Alive" or facebook.

  3. I was introduced to this song thru the film, Quadrophenia. It's really one of the all time greats. Works so well in that movie too.

  4. Dean Young is the guitarist and Brenda Lee Jones Melson who recently died in 2008 was the bassist. Dean Young is living in Dayton, Ohio and he & Brenda were also the duo Dean & Jean of 'Tra La La La Suzy' and 'Hey Dean, Hey Jean'. This duo also wrote a couple of hits for Dion the 60's pop star.

    1. Just a couple of corrections - "Dean" was Welton Young, not Dean Young and Brenda died on 4th August 2001. Her birth name was Jones and her married name was Melson. She was married to Charles Melson for about 40 years until his death in 1997 but with the exception of a couple of records under her Melson name, the rest of her career was as Brenda Lee Jones.