Thursday, January 28, 2010

Original Song Project: "Hot Air", John Lawrence

Hot Air is a song with early Soundgarden and Led Zeppelin influences. I wanted to create something heavy and very guitar based. This was also an experiment in creating a full song with my Mac.

If you are interested in the recording part: I created the song using Apple’s Garage Band software. First, I set the beat using the built-in metronome and a Korg Nano Key keyboard ($50 Best Buy). The keyboard is recognized by Garage Band when you plug it in using a USB cable. I layed down the snare, then the kick drum. Using the keyboard, I lowered the sound of the drums by one octave, making them sound more authentic. I recorded the guitar by plugging straight into my Mac Book Pro using a ¼ inch to mini adapter (not the cleanest way but least expensive).

I practiced a bit, then layed down each of the two guitar tracks in one take each. This gives it more of a live feel, even if it’s sloppy in places.

I chose a grunge sound for the rhythm and a heavy blues sound for the lead. After guitars, I layed down the bass using the keyboard and the “muted electric bass” selection. Cymbals came last. I recorded them one at a time with the Korg. I went back and added a little reverb to the lead guitar and the snare drum to give the tune a little more atmosphere.

Hope you enjoy it.
John Lawrence
AKA Johnny Blue


  1. Really nice John. Thanks for contributing to On The Flip-Side. Along with your note influences, I would suggest that this has a feel similar to Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac.

    I hope we hear more from you Johnny Blue

  2. Nice work! You managed to get a decent tone to it all. It's crying out for some harp!

  3. Cool, very cool. Play them blues, Johnny Blue, play them blues.

    ps, where did you ever get such a cool name?