Thursday, September 17, 2009

Video Diary: Pete Townshend, "Drowned"


  1. This is the kind of thing I would love to see Pete do these days. An acoustic theater tour would be a nice change from just trotting out the hits again with the aged Who in some arena.

    Roger is going out solo, but his voice is pretty much shot now and you know his tour is just going to be Who songs without the Who,maybe arranged differently, with little, if any solo album material.

    I recall Pete doing a small solo tour in the early 90's, including a stop at the Fillmore. I really wish I had seen that. I also hear that he has taken part in some acoutic nights at a club in NYC with long-time girlfriend and musician Rachel Fuller.

    I would love to see some Who classics given the unplugged treatment,but think his solo material (up through "White City" anyway)is also full of good stuff. It could be a Storytellers type tour or similar to the Ray Davies tours where he would read from his autobiography and tell stories about the songs.

    I am probably dreaming though. Pete no doubt will not go out on tour unless it is extremely lucrative for him. But you never know.

  2. JBC-15, I'm with you, an acoustic set by Pete Townshend would be an amazing thing to behold. However, his interests in years past suggests this will not happen soon. He appears more interested in rearranging larger scale projects from the past.

  3. I got chills watching this. Absolutely brilliant. I liked the full-band version, but the solo acoustic totally smokes it. The genius of the lyrics is more apparent, and I love the emotion and passion of Pete's voice. Agree with Jack, guitar playing is outstanding. TAlk about a supple wrist.