Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Busker Days: Sean Lee, "The Drum Stringer"

Sean Lee. The one man banjo! He's got two hands on a banjo, one foot tapping a tambourine and the other thumping a foot pedal on to a bass drum. The rhythmic possibilities seem to arise naturally from there with Sean, whose muse equipped him with a cunning beat. Add to the mix his honkwood lyrics and a punk pan alley delivery and it's just contagious. Click here to hear him tear it up with his song The Drum Stringer, also the title of his yet to be recorded next album.

Please also check out his music and more here.


  1. I absolutely love this song. That three note ascending staccato riff accompanying "One More Time" is so simple yet so awesome. The breaks are very affective at keeping the song fresh. And his palm muting keeps the beat moving along nicely.

  2. thanks for putting this up, I now have two versions of the tune available on my recent albums, "Phoenix Tail Feather" and "HumDinger". which are available by mail order. see 1manbanjo.com and myspace.com/1manbanjo to contact for upcoming events and recordings.
    Sean Lee