Thursday, September 24, 2009

Busker Days: Emily Bonn, "Big Apple"

You know, if you are in need of an upside to your living or working in a big city, the fact that you can regularly see and hear great music incidental to your daily journey should suffice. Listen to this weeks busker edition and you will understand. Here we have Emily Bonn on banjo (yes, banjo two posts in a row!) and Anna Levitt on fiddle playing the Bonn composition Big Apple. They were down in Montgomery Station recently honing their talent in preparation for a northwest mini-tour, and they had my ear instantly. Hope your tour went well!

Here is Emily's myspace page.


  1. Following up on my previous post, just took a listen to Emily Bonn's myspace music and I dig it. With a full band backing, Emily's talent shines. Thanks for bringing her music above ground, Jack. Apologies if my previous post was offensive. As you know so well, I'm just a narrow-minded biotch.

  2. I respectfully have a different opinion. I really like the effective and loose harmonies and the simple recurring refrain from the fiddle. In fact, the more I listen the more I like it.

    I think a banjo in an enclosed space like a BART station may not record ideally. There is just so much bounce-back in that type of room.

    Viva la free speech forum.

  3. I'm not sure I'm getting this, but I think it's my fault--I'm rushing to catch up with OTFS, and I think I need more time with this song to formulate a reasonably objective opinion. I really like this series Jack, keep 'em coming. Unfortunately for me, these entries require more of my time than I generally have available. (It's a lot easier to say about something I've been listening to for 30 years, "Hey, that's great".)