Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Original Song Project: "Tres Piedras", Morgan Young

Here is a tune I have had kicking around my head since about 1994 when I was just a wee pup. I finally put it down on tape about 2 months ago. It's called Tres Piedras, which is a tiny town in northern New Mexico I used to frequent.


  1. Wonderful tune. It has a brooding open sky wandering feel to it. I particularly like the chord-based section. Nice use of harmonics too. This song goes back some time - what did you used to call it?

    Another question: what's the meaning of the young girl asking for asparagus on her onion rolls.

  2. It used to be called Tucumcari (after the New Mexico town), but I've spent more time in Tres Piedras watching the open sky and roadrunners and drunk men at 10am than I have in Tucumcari. Thus the name change.

    It's actually a little boy speaking. It very roughly translates to "the three pebbles have been taken."