Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New England Spotlight: The Blue Beats - Extra Girl and She's The One

We're going to spend a little time looking at records by geographical location. A bit of an old school Battle of the Bands, if you will. We're going to start in New England, since that is where the country started anyway. 

A few weeks back we wrote about The Blue Beats who hailed from Ridgefield, Connecticut, an affluent bedroom community of New York City. (You can read that article here.)  The quartet of Kit Miller, Peter Robbins, Lance Drake and Jack Lee kicked out two nice records for Columbia Records. Today we look at both sides of their first single. Extra Girl was written by Lee and Drake, while the Flip-Side of She's The One was written by Lee and Robbins. The single was released with a picture sleeve on September 6, 1966. The single didn't do too much, which is a little surprising as Extra Girl is quite the catchy number. Both sides, but particularly She's The One, mine that same vocal-first/pained-John Lennon influenced genre that The Merry-Go-Round and The Left Banke also did so well. 
Until next time, we'll see you On The Flip-Side!


  1. Great pop single filled with quirky ideas such as the downward guitar lick on Extra Girl (:20 for example). Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Morgan - I just came across this. I have a CD of all the 45s recorded by The Blue Beats, The #1, and The Moovees. I traveled with the band and created the CD with their permission. Contact me if you would like a copy at bnews123 (AT) I have also posted a few videos on YouTube under "bluebeatsfan."